Advantages of Playing Online Games

do you like watch Aaron Stone in Disney channel?

if you don’t like Aaron Stone and you never watch it before, no problem.

in Aaron Stone TV series, Charlie landers(Kelly Blatz) and his brother Jason landers(David Lambert)  loved to play online game. Charlie Landers became the best & popular gamer in his favorite online game. his avatar named Aaron Stone. but it became a reality,  Charlie is Aaron Stone in real life and Jason doesn’t know it. blah..bla..bla..bla..blah..

oh.. no no. we’re not talking about them in this post


do you think gamer is a crazy human who always think  about game?

The answer is WRONG.. gamer is a normal human who loved video games or online games.

uhmm.. online games

according to Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia, online game is a technology rather than a genre; a mechanism for connecting players together rather than a particular pattern of game play.  Online games are played over some form of  computer network.

and I think, many kids, adults, and teenagers all over the world like to play it

we all know that playing computer and online games are fun. Therefore we can’t take our eyes off our PC screen even though the phone ringing or our favorite TV show begins. nah!! it’s a big trouble!!!!!!!!!!!

but  in fact, the habit of playing online game has many advantages*

it’s not kidding. I delivered it in my speech a  month ago 😀 .

recent research has shown that playing puzzle and word game decrease the risk of Alzheimer disease, while watching Television increase the risk. wow! it’s terrible

many other researchers have proved the positive effects of playing online games on the young’s mind. word, puzzle, and trivia games enriches the children speech. the other game such as Tertris and Doki Doki IQ High School(in TinerMe) benefits the kids ability to focus, analyze color, and also analyze shapes. the board game like chess benefits for thinking skill and so on.

but however, online games has badly affects on people’s life especially teenagers. it influences them both physically and mentally.

teen can spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer set, playing from early morning ’till midnight without eating anything.

online games are addictive, it can makes people forget about school, work, and  family obligation. it also damage your eyes, back, and any other parts of your body. bad for us.

but i believe, if we can

manage our time

try to doing somethin’ new. such as: doing sports, reading novel, reading comic book, and many more

we can feel the advantages of playing online games

(maaf kalo bahasa inggrisnya berantakan, saya masih amatir)


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