Let’s Care For Sunflowers !!

the first thing that I wanna say is I Sunflowers. Yup. Sunflowers are a beautiful flower that can be grown almost anywhere. With the proper feeding and care, these flowers will not only enhance our yard or garden, but also beautify our home with their color. To care for your sunflowers, follow these easy steps :

Before we planting sunflowers, we have to mix manure into the soil where the sunflowers will be growing. Sunflowers do well in most soil conditions, so this is not too much of a worry. However, rocky or sandy conditions will not allow your sunflowers to grow well.

After that, plant sunflowers in an area where they will get the most sun. As their name implies, sunflowers thrive and grow in the sunlight, at least six hours of direct sun a day. They will face their blooms to the rising sun in the east.

And, plant sunflower seeds about one-quarter inch down into the soil.

Then, water sunflowers daily to help the stems support the heavy weight of the sunflower head.

Put sunflowers in a tall pot if you are growing them in planters. You need to have enough soil and support for the height and weight of the flower.

Feed sunflowers regularly with a growing solution. Avoid pouring the fertilizer onto the roots, because this can make them rot. Instead, make a few holes, about 3-4 inches deep, around the plant, and pour the fertilizer into the holes.

and don’t forget to watch the weather, the heavy winds can cause sunflowers able to blow over. If winds are predicted, then do not water that day. It will reduce this risk of the sunflowers blowing over.

But, stalking your sunflowers is not a necessity, unless the area is extremely windy or the conditions are too shady. Sunflowers in the shade will lean towards the sun, so it is best to avoid shady areas for these flowers 😀

owowowo those steps are so easy, right?

so, take care of your sunflowers right now !


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