Suggestions To Make an Excellent Presentation

Hallo there!

if we want to explaining an important topic. we should make and showing a presentation.  I think that the presentation must be interesting and good, so our friends or the audience able to understand the topic.

hoho i have some experiences in presentation. LOL . and my classmate told me that i’m good at it *shy* but *a little bit proud* 😀  LOL

honestly.. i love presentation. for example, by presentation on ms.powerpoint’ we can deliver clearly about our topic. so there are some suggestions to make a good presentation. here we go!!

you have to:

  • Think about the presentation before. It is short-changing the organisers of the event and your audience if you only think about what you’re going to say the day before the event.
  • Use PowerPoint if the facilities are available. Although some speakers seem to have taken an aversion to PowerPoint, it is so easy and ensures that your presentation has a clear structure
  • Be clear about how much time you have and laso stick to that time in preparing and delivering your presentation. It’s very difficult to cut a PowerPoint presentation at the event itself.
  • Be  clear about your key message . You should be able to articulate the message in a phrase or a sentence and indeed you might want to use that phrase or sentence in one of your first slides, or one of your last, or even both.
  • E-mail your presentation to the event organisers in advance. Ask them to load it onto a laptop, run it through, check that it looks fine, and confirm that with you. Then you don’t have to worry about the technology, you can concentrate on the delivery of your material.
  • Make copies of your slides available. It is a matter of choice whether you do this at the beginning of your presentation or at the end.
  • Ensure that the slides look good. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they look flashy, although suitable pictures or illustrations are very effective, but it means using a consistent format and readable colours + giving each slide the logo of the organisation you are representing.
  • The 1st slide should announce the title of your presentation, the event and date, and your name and position. This may seem terribly obvious, but many speakers miss off some of this basic information and it isn’t clear who made the presentation or when. You should try to make the title interesting, so that you immediately have the interest of your audience.
  • The 2nd slide should seize the attention of your audience for your presentation. It could be the central proposition of your presentation that you wish to challenge or joke quote from a leader in your field.
  • The 3rd slide should set out the structure of your presentation. The default structure should contains three themes that you intend to examine.
  • Each theme should be the subject of a small number of slides. a good working assumption is that three slides for each theme is about right. Less than two and it isn’t substantial enough to be a separate theme; more than five and it should probably be broken up into two themes.
  • Each slide should have a clear heading. A question is a good way of winning attention, but in that case, make sure you answer the question in the body of the slide.
  • Each slide should normally contain around 25-40 words, unless it is a quote, you might use more or contains an illustration, you will probably use less. Too many words and your audience will have trouble reading the material, too few words and you’re likely to be flashing through the slides and spending too much time clicking the mouse.
  • Each bullet point should consist of an intelligible phrase, rather than only a word or two that is meaningless on its own or conversely a complete sentence that is better delivered orally.
  • Make appropriate use of pictures. It’s a good idea to break up text with illustrations and it is true.. that a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • The last slide should set out all appropriate contact details: certainly e-mail address and mail address, the web site of your organisation, and any personal website or weblog if you have one.

that’s all.  so easy isn’t it?.

thanks to

my lovely senior, kak Jenn.

you’ve teached me a lot about it


thank you so much 🙂


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