Crush on Furoshiki ♥ 風呂敷 ♥

heyy world. finally i start to blogging again

I’m so excited now. well, well, well.. this post take up a topic about Furoshiki (風呂敷). Have you ever heard about it before? i guess many people knew it. suddenly, i feel crush on furoshiki ’cause it has many functions and absolutely advantages. Here we go

By googling i found the meaning of Furoshiki. Apparently, it means Bath Spread.

it’s a traditional gorgeous gift wrap from Japan. In feudal Japan (from 1185-1603), the cloths were used by most people to wrap their clothes while they were in the public bath houses. Furoshiki can be made from silk, rayon, cotton, or nylon.

After I read an article about Furoshiki, suddenly I think the function of it for this era. as we know that Global Warming still threatens us till now, so many people in this world think about the solution to reduce greenhouse gasses. I think, Furoshiki is one of the solutions. Many people who never think about nature still using plastic or paper to wrap their gift or parcel. So terrible if they still use paper and plastic to wrap, how many trees we need to make papers? how many plastics we waste after opened the gift/parcel? ohh people all over the world who never cares about  nature let’s THINKING!

For me, furoshiki isn’t only a gift wrapping, it’s a beautiful Japanese traditional work of art.

hmmm just P.S :

“The advantages is that, furoshiki can be reused over and over again. By using Furoshiki, people can reduce the use of disposable plastic bags and wrapping paper, thereby save resources and the environment at large”

thanks for reading my post. 😀



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