How we as the young generation can leverage the momentum of APEC 2013 to make Indonesia competitiveness in Asia-Pacific Region?



*This Paper Published for the purpose of ABAC Writing Competition 2013*

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“Strengthening Asia-Pacific Regional Food Security Through Investments in Indonesia’s Agricultural Sector:

The Proposal of Universities-SMEs Cooperation”


Defining Problems

The APEC next meeting in Bali will be very delighful oppurtunity for the forum because almost 1200 CEO across the globe and 21 World Leaders gathering to adress the main theme of APEC 2013: Resilient of Asia-Pacific as the Engine of Global Growth. Despite the APEC represents 3 Million people, 55% of Global GDP and 45% of Global trade, many homework that the APEC itself should resolve, particularly related to the food security problems.

Food Security remains an important issue for the livelihood of APEC members. Highly volatile food prices and inadequate supply of food hurts farmers and consumers. The hike up of food prices in 2009 has gave the world leaders a lesson to…

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