Simple Cosplay Inspiration: Luffy (Female Version) – One Piece Manga & Anime Series

– Character: Luffy [female version]

– Manga/ Anime: One Piece

asri rezki putriningrum

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

♥ What you need:

Straw hat

Red vest

Black tank top (it’s optional)

Blue jeans hot pants

Black strap sandals

♥ Tips and Trick:

1. If you have short hair, it’s gonna be really good to make you style look like Luffy. But if your hair is long, make it as tidy as possible. I prefer to make my hair look wavy in order to show cute impressions

2. Black tank top is optional. If you wanna look sexier, wear red vest without tank top is not too bad. It’s depend on you

3. Sometimes straw hat is so difficult to found, either in Online Shop or Cosplay Store. Make it simple and start your DIY project. I recommend you to make it from “Indonesian girl scouts hat“.

4. Don’t forget to wear Black Strap Sandals

♥ My Photo Gallery:

asri rezki putriningrum

Luffy & Hunter x Hunter Cosplay Team

asri rezki putriningrum


asri rezki putriningrum


asri rezki putriningrum

luffy & ともだち

asri rezki putriningrum

luffy & ともだち

asri rezki putriningrum

luffy & ともだち

asri rezki putriningrum

The Straw Hats (Luffy Girl – Luffy Boy)

asri rezki putriningrum

Luffy Female Version Cosplay

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