Fashion For Fun: Be Confidence in Horizontal Stripes

Hello there it’s 14th February. Happy Valentine’s day!! How do ye? 😀

In this beautiful day, I’m gonna write some ways to wear Horizontal Stripes apparel. We usually heard about many common debates in the world of slimming fashion methods. Gosh! confusing. Most of women out there looking to keep slimmer appearances with quick fixes by using vertical stripes apparel, actually stripes can be your friend or maybe your enemy! Rumors saying that horizintal stripes make you look fat [larger], but it’s only an optical illusion for sure. So, I think it depend on how you wear the stripes apparel. People should probably not worry too much about wearing horizontal stripes.

asri rezki putriningrum

asri rezki putriningrum – striped maxi dress

And how to wear it right after all? Here we go..

1. Keep the size of the stripe in line with the size of your body, it means “match your body size“. If you’re tall or full figured, you can wear bigger [wider] stripes. Women with a medium build better to wear medium stripes and short or Tiny women should stick to small stripes that are closer together each lines.

2. Yay! “keep it lean“, Whatever part of your body is the leanest which where you want to put the stripes. For tall and thin women, maxi dress is not a matter at all.

3. Don’t be afraid to “play with color“. Monochromatic stripes will keep the look leaner and less noticeable. You can try black on gray for a more urban look. Try pairing a striped tank or top with a colored skinny jean or short pants

4. To break up the impact of the stripes, “layer your look“. For example. try a striped t-shirt under a solid-color blazer or cardigan.

5. If you’are still really afraid of the with the striped trendy dress, play with where you use the stripe by “accessorize with stripes“. A striped shoe or handbag can spice up an outfit, or you can take a really simple outfit and throw a striped jacket over it.
Well, that’s all ♡
So, go ahead~ Be confidence in horizontal stripes

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