Japanese Culture: Tanabata Festival

Happy last day of my long holiday! Uuh welcome back college life.. Talking about holiday, suddenly it reminds me of holiday festival in Japan called Tanabata Matsuri [Tanabata Festival] Have you heard it before?
Well, now I wanna tell you guys about short historical story of Tanabata Festival.

Tanabata is a summer holiday in Japan, which celebrated every 7th day of the 7th month (in lunar calendar). The story of Tanabata is about two lovers, “ORIHIME” a weaving princess (believed as the star Vega) and “HIKOBOSHI” (the star Altair) who are seperated by the milkyway and only allowed to meet once a year on this day. Duhh.. it’s so sad 😦


Source: google image

Anyway, the story begin when Orihime, a weaving princess who makes beautiful clothes for her father realize that she felt really sad because of her business. She was surrounding by sadness because she was too busy ’till she didn’t have time to falling in love with anyone else

Tantei, the god of sky was sad as well. He arranged a marriage for Orihime and Hikoboshi, a cowherd who lived across the Amanogawa river. The couple lived in happiness and loving each others. They met everyday and forgot their job and duty. It makes Tantei angry and separated them. Tantei determined that the couple only allowed to see each other once a year, every 7th day of the 7th month.


Source: deviantart

Tanabata also known as stars festival, which celebrating unification between 2 people in love that couldn’t see each other for very ling time. This festival comes from China and it’s like a valentines day for Chinese, where lots of couple celebrating this day in romantic ways.


Source: google image

In Japan tradition, people write their wishes in tanzaku paper or we can called it colorful paper and hang it on bamboo tree. People olso decorate bamboo tree with various ornaments and paper decoration. They put the tree in front oh their house. And here we go! This is my tanzaku paper *for example*


Source: my cell phone gallery

The wishes on tanzaku paper are so various, not only about their love wishes, but also wishes for job, health, prosperity are written on the colorful papers. But apparently, not all Japanese celebrate it together in the same time. Some people celebrate it in July and some in August. It depends on their area tradition.

Kinda unique festival huh? 😀
See ya on my next post. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you like it. Oops it’s almost 11.30 pm in Indonesia. Time to off to bed. Good night, Oyasuminasai minaaa~


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