Globalizing World: [The Tensions]

Hi  there! Today is super awesome ’cause finally I have a spare time to posting again. YAAAAYY!! I remember that I’ve read an interesting book by James N. Rosenau which discuss about “Globalization” in International Politics.

asri putriningrum

Seriously, Life in modern age has undergone many changes both positive and negative. Nowadays, the lack of security and fear continue to increase because of the many global issues that occur in this earth. Actually, many concerns arise due to increasing crime rates and insecurity has become one of the global agenda in the collectivity and the state.  In this stage, the safety notice is very concerned and expanded, both in terms of military and strategic considerations to dispel or minimize public anxiety, uncertain economy and often shaky and fragile government.

Oh well.. This era such a huge resurrection after the world war II ended and the technology is highly developed and also very advanced. isn’t it?.. for example in the presence of transportation such as cars, boats, and planes, which accommodate people to reach distant places to interact internationally. Coupled with the phone and the internet, so a communication becomes easier, as the technology advances can narrow space, distance and time. Thanks God, I’m feeling blessed living in modern age. LOL 

I think globalization making the ease of human life. Globalization influence on almost all aspects of society and most societies accept globalization. It is indirectly unify the country without limits due to the advances in information technology, communications, and transportation. Globalization is also provide huge effects on the economy. Economic globalization is a process of economic and trade activities. The globalization of the economy requires the removal of all restrictions and barriers to the flow of capital, goods and services.

For example is the existence of free trade, the trading both indivudual between countries and companies that are free of obstacles such as government export taxes and import of goods. To help managing the trades people need organizations which usually manage the split based on a regional free trade, such as AFTA, ANZCERTA, EFTA, APEC, etc.. that aims to create lower trade tariffs.

We can see that more foreign investors such as Japan, currently invest and set up factories in Indonesia. Indirectly, the factories provides jobs for the labours in Indonesia, but in fact there is also the possibility that the large foreign companies developed to increase investment in other countries and certainly has possibility become a capitalist. duuh 😦

World countries are divided? WHY? WHY?? WHY?…..

After reading some International Politics books and got so many abundant of political science, I’ve been thinking that the classification is the result of world interactions. Globalization brings an impact on increasing international interaction and forms of interaction, and to maintain it, regulation and classification (Regionalism) become indispensable. Despite the lack of regulation is felt increasingly faint state sovereignty and weakening the role of the state, but in this condition, with the setting, the individual can be more of a role and serve as a world community.

Yes! I have similar opinion and totally agree. In the “Ominous Tensions in A Globalizing World” I think James N. Rosenau saw globalization as something that has a lot of advantages for international relations. But not only that, he also argued that globalization can cause concern because it can lead to a complex problem that can lead to insecurity. So that the necessary arrangements and groupings in order to determine whether the nature of international relations or conflictual cooperation. And the development of the world causing  dynamics in international relations.

Rosenau arguments about globalization is also supported by a book that I found, written by Ian Clark in his book entitled “Globalization and International Relations Theory“. According to Clark’s opinion, globalization is defined more generally and rises issue of international relations theory. There are ideational and material. Globalization is driven by the strength of the material (technology, communication, or economic system) and give influence on human understanding of these changes. [“Globalization and International Relations Theory”. Ian Clark. 1999. Oxford publisher: USA. pg. 48]

Other supporting material is a book titled “Globalization” by Malcolm Waters. He argues that globalization is a social process that is characterized by shrinking the constraints of geography on social setting – where the culture and eventually people are becoming increasingly aware that they are getting closer. [“Globalization”. Malcolm Waters. 1995. Routledge: London and USA. pg. 3]

So, are you ready for the next effect of globalization in our life??

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