DIY Lanyard Project

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Like many people nowadays, I have to wear a lanyard at work with my ID badge attached. The standard work-provided lanyards are rather boring, so I thought I’d make a few more attractive ones for myself and some friends.

This is a VERY easy project!


Materials required:

  • Grosgrain ribbon- this holds its shape much better than satin ribbon, and looks crisper.
  • A split-ring (like the sort on key rings)
  • A trigger-clasp, preferably with a swivel attachment, so that your ID always lies flat when the lanyard is being worn.
  • A rivet (large enough for the split-ring to pass through comfortably)
  • Some suitable glue


First of all cut the ribbon to your preferred length- it needs to be long enough to pass easily over your head, but not so long that the lanyard gets in the way/is annoying when being worn!

Line the ends of the ribbon up so that one end protrudes…

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