Daily Make up For Working

Welcome November

Here’s my make up look which inspired by Kendall Jenner and Mia Stammer (mamamiamakeup). You gurls need some wonderful make up, exactly. But don’t worry… These make up suffs are inexpensive and easy to buy at drug store nearest you

I stole Kendall’s eyebrows. Her brows looks super amazing, long thick and had a strong tug. For eye make up, as an Asian, my eyes  even likely to be small. I stole Mia’s (mamamiamakeup) eye make up for ‘kawaii’ make up look.


So, Whats hot this month?

❤️ Powder: Revlon powdery foundation-ocher | ❤️ Brows: Revlon eyebrow pencil | ❤️ Eye Liner: Revlon colorstay black noir | ❤️ Under eye: Maybeline master liner white | ❤️ Lip: Aubeau rossy red – 09

#revlon #revlonid #loveison #maybeline #maybelinenewyork


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